Who doesn’t love a good story? One that draws you in and keeps you turning the pages? Romances with witty will-they-or-won’t-they banter, science fiction with farfetched or freakishly plausible premises, and mysteries that go deep into the dark psyche of us all.


The beautiful thing about good fiction is that it always tells the truth. Not necessarily the “what really happened” truth, but the deeper truth— the truth about human behavior, the eternal truths of love and devotion, fear, honor and justice. And it does all of this through the power of imagination.

The sky is the limit when it comes to fiction writing. (Unless, of course, you want to write science fiction, in which case the multiverse is the limit.) If you can dream it up, we can breathe life, detail, drama and big ideas into your story. We’ll work together to carefully craft an outline, create complex and memorable characters, and make sure your big idea is woven into each sentence. Then I’ll tackle your story, one chapter at a time, writing and revising until your truth comes shining out.

  “Dara is one of those exceptional people who understands a client’s needs before they’ve even finished describing them. She’s a solid professional who will make your book stand out head and shoulders above the competition.”

                                                                                   — Andrew Wielawski, ASW Studios