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Coaching and Editing Services


Sometimes you need an outside eye to help you see what you can’t see on your own.


I can help you clarify your ideas, organize your thoughts, structure the information, and make the words on the page clear and concise.

I've helped people with full-length books and memoirs, as well as film and stage scripts, short stories, articles and term papers. 


If you need help with your writing, let's talk.

What's the difference between a coach and an editor?

There are many similarities between a WRITING COACH and an EDITOR, and when you hire a professional to help you with your writing, the lines can get blurred. 


While a COACH can be brought in at any stage of the writing process, clients often find a coach helpful early on to assist in formulating ideas, shaping an outline, and organizing notes. A coach can also help by supporting a writing schedule and deadlines, and by cheering you on from the sidelines - not that different from a sports coach!


An EDITOR is usually most helpful once there's some text on the page that they can sink their teeth into, and editing usually falls into two categories - DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING and COPY-EDITING.


A DEVELOPMENTAL EDITOR is most helpful once a first draft exists.  They offer a bird's-eye-view of what's working and what's not, pointing out patterns in your writing style, noting places where clarification, expansion, or cutting would be useful, and offering pointed suggestions for your next draft.  A COPY-EDITOR gets in the weeds with you.  They correct spelling, grammar and any inconsistent or confusing language. 

It's great when you can find a coach and editor who can do it all - like me! - who can take your writing project from its roughest stages to the final scan for typos.

  "Not only did Dara Silverman do a thorough, efficient, and technically excellent job, but she consistently asked insightful questions and pointed things out that we would have otherwise missed. She brings a lyrical voice and the ability to refine a story.
                                             — Jordan Gruber, Author/Founder of "The Practical Wordsmith"
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