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As people get older, it’s understandable that they want to share something meaningful of themselves. And more than money, more than heirlooms, it’s the stories of their lives, and of the disappearing world that they lived in, that will be cherished by their friends and family.


I’ll work with you, or your loved one, and together we will identify the key moments of life – childhood memories, pivotal tales of adolescence, and the defining moments of adulthood – and turn them into a series of short stories. Through interview questions tailored specifically to get at the heart of a story, we’ll craft the story so it captures the heart, humor and voice of yourself or your loved one.

Sometimes called “Legacy Memoirs,” these collected stories are a modest investment of time and money, but the outcome will be appreciated for generations to come. 


I work with a number of professional proofreaders, designers and book publishers to put together a beautiful artifact that speaks to the importance of your life, in book form, and all within your budget.