A piece of writing is a living thing.

If you bring the heart,

I'll provide the bones.




Everyone has a story inside of them.   Maybe you’ve even got a couple.

Do you have a knack for storytelling, but every time you try to write it down, your words seem stiff and flat?

Do you have something big to share with the world, but you just don’t know where to begin?

Or do you just not have the time to sit down and commit it all to writing?

If so, we should talk.




I can turn your story, wisdom and expertise into the written word.

"How?" you ask.

Well, have you ever noticed how talking is so much easier than writing?

Just by talking, (granted a lot of talking - hours and hours of recorded conversation actually!) we’ll work to get to the heart of the matter, drawing out the big picture ideas and highlighting all the small picture moments that make up a life. 






Organization is the most invisible part of the writing process — from the big ideas all the way down to the sentence — but without it, the pieces just won’t come together to form a whole.

I’ll organize your words, making sure they flow, develop clear themes and ideas, and come to a satisfying conclusion.   

And I’ll do any research needed to enrich your message with cultural and historical context, connecting it to something bigger.

After mapping everything out just to your liking, I’ll carefully craft each chapter, sentence by sentence, word for word.  Each section will be drafted, written and refined until it’s exactly perfect.

When it’s done, your story will sound like your voice to your closest friend – clear and intimate, funny and wise — telling the story that only you can tell.

We don’t have to call it “ghostwriting,” we can call it something else. We can call me a, “book assistant,” “book friend,” or even “person who is finally going to make this amazing book happen.”

Together we’ll make sure your story gets told, just the way you want it.

Dara Silverman is a bold self-starter, diligent doer, and intelligent problem-solver.
She manages to combine her wildly creative artist side with the discipline and skill of an accomplished craftsperson.
A delightful human being and a pleasure to work with.
— Joni Rodgers, NYT Bestselling Author/Ghostwriter




Even the most experienced writers often need a fresh eye on their work.  As a writer, I know that sometimes the line between what we know we want to say and what’s actually on the page can become blurred.

A good editor can help you see what you can’t see on your own.

There’s no one way to edit and each project needs something a little different. But I love editing because it’s such a close look into someone else’s thought process.

I can make your language clearer, structure your ideas and information, and bring the heart of the piece to the foreground.

I have helped people with full-length books as well as film and stage scripts, short stories, articles and term papers. 

If you need help with your writing, let me have a look at it.


Not only did Dara Silverman do a thorough, efficient, and technically excellent job,
but she consistently asked insightful questions and pointed things out that we would have otherwise missed.
She brings a lyrical voice and the ability to refine a story.
— Jordan Gruber, Author/Founder of "The Practical Wordsmith"


Dara Silverman

I received my Master's degree in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University's Creative Writing Program. Studying playwriting helped me to understand the intricacies of story structure and to perfect my ear for voice.

It’s a real privilege and pleasure to use these skills to help people share their stories and communicate their messages.

When not writing, I can usually be found riding my bike around Oakland, California, engaging with my community, and enjoying nature and urban environments in just about equal measure.

I am also the Founder and Artistic Director of Agile Rascal Bicycle Touring Theatre, a theatre troupe that tours new works on bicycles. 

Dara’s creative help provided me wonderful clarity in getting copy set for my book;
she was on time, a great communicator and provided excellent results.
— Clark Thompson, Author of "Driving Orinda"


If you have a writing project you'd like to discuss, please fill out this form with a few details about the project and I'll be happy to set up a time to speak with you.

Or, if these forms aren't your thing, feel free to email me at: Dara.Silverman@gmail.com.

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Dara is a talented writer, as well as a great person to work with.
She is meticulous in making sure she understands the project,
and goes above and beyond to make sure she delivers.
— Sally Collings, Writer/Founder of Red Hill Publishing