I love writing screenplays with complicated, personable characters in interesting situations. Witty dialogue and subtle subtext are my bread and butter. This doesn’t mean I won’t write an action movie with big explosions, it just means I’m going to make sure that between the explosions the dialogue is quicker than a high speed car chase. I love it when a movie takes me somewhere far away and shows me something I’ve never seen before. I also love the challenge of writing these kinds of screenplays as well. Some of my favorite movies are:


  • Harold and Maude

  • The Women (the 1939 version)

  • I <3 Huckabees

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

  • Casablanca

  • The Big Lebowski

  • Edward Scissorhands

  • My Dinner with Andre

  • When Harry met Sally

  • Before Sunrise & Before Sunset


If you’ve got a movie in your head, we can put it onto the page. It’s true that trying to get your movie professionally made is still a gamble, but more than ever, there are avenues for the newbie screenwriter to find their niche, including Pitchfests, screenwriting contests and The Black List. I’m not going to promise that you’ll get your script turned into a blockbuster (and any ghost who tells you otherwise is a liar you should run from!) but I can promise that when you hand off your script to an agent, you’ll know you’re handing over your best.

  "Dara is a talented writer, as well as a great person to deal with. She is meticulous in making sure she understands the project, and goes above and beyond to make sure she delivers."

                                                                            —Sally Collings, Red Hill Publishing