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Step into the world of Moritifed Workshop, where storytelling becomes an art of laughter and genuine emotion. This transformative experience guides participants in crafting narratives that blend humor with heartfelt moments from their lives. Through dynamic exercises and insightful coaching, storytellers learn to infuse warmth, wit, and authenticity into their tales. From amusing anecdotes to touching revelations, each session cultivates the skill of balancing levity with depth. Join us for an enriching journey where you'll discover the power of laughter and heartfelt sincerity, creating narratives that not only entertain but also resonate on a profoundly human level. Unleash your story with charm and sincerity.

the memory writes


Embark on a transformative journey within our Memoir Workshop, where the art of remembering comes alive. This immersive experience invites you to explore the depths of your past, weaving threads of nostalgia into a tapestry of self-discovery. Through guided reflections, participants delve into recaptured moments, learning the craft of memoir writing with a poetic touch. From the symphony of stories to the inked memories, each session unveils the power of words in tracing time's tale. Join us in this intimate exploration, as we navigate the narrative of self and create a memoir that resonates with the echoes from the heart.

  “Dara Silverman is a bold self-starter, diligent doer, and intelligent problem-solver. She manages to combine her wildly creative artist side with the discipline and skill of an accomplished craftsperson. A delightful human being and a pleasure to work with.”

                                                             — Joni Rodgers, NYT Bestselling Author/Ghostwriter

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